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Baby born clutching his mother’s birth control coil (Photo)

Baby born clutching his mother's birth control coil (Photo)

An Alabama baby was allegedly born holding his mother’s Intrauterine Device — the contraceptive that was supposed to prevent her from getting pregnant. Shared online by new mum Lucy Hellein, the photo has garnerd over 70,000 shares on Facebook. When asked if baby Dexter was actually born holding the contraceptive implant in his hand, Hellenin replied, “He was not.” – ... Read More »

City’s drug problem sees birds ‘making nests out of needles’ (Photo)

City's drug problem sees birds 'making nests out of needles' (Photo)

It’s another sign of just how out of control B.C.’s overdose and addiction crisis is getting. A photo posted to Twitter Wednesday by a Vancouver police superintendent shows a bird nest fashioned out of discarded needles, reportedly in a Downtown Eastside SRO hotel. “The image was captured yesterday by our Homeless Outreach Coordinator during an inspection of a vacant room ... Read More »

Scientists say statin side-effects are overstated

Scientists say statin side-effects are overstated

Bogus claims about the risk of statins – the group of medicines that are said to fight cholesterol – may have resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, researchers have said, after a study found the drugs do not cause the claimed side effects that have deterred many from using them. Large studies have used randomised and blinded clinical trial ... Read More »

NASA Cassini finds “The Big Empty” close to Saturn

NASA Cassini finds “The Big Empty” close to Saturn

The Cassini probe unexpectedly found no trace of dust between the rings and the atmosphere of Saturn, through which it flew for the first time a week ago, at the end of April this year, NASA reports. The craft made its second of 22 such dives at 3:38 p.m. EDT (1938 GMT) through the previously-unexplored 1,200-mile-wide (2,000 kilometers) region. As ... Read More »