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Joan Rivers: I haven’t had 700 plastic surgeries

joan rivers 700 surgeries

Joan Rivers isn’t shy about talking about her many trips to the plastic surgeon. But 700 procedures? Oh please. After the 78-year-old comedian and E! Fashion Police host joked on Anderson Cooper’s talk show that she’d had over 700 cosmetic procedures, she assured him she was only pulling his leg. She is a popular actress, who comes in front of ... Read More »

Cosmetic surgery looks like muppets : daryl hannah scary fish lips

cosmetic surgery looks like muppets : daryl hannah scary fish lips

Last year, In Touch ran some before and after photos of Splash actress Daryl Hannah, 49, that showed how dramatically she’d altered her face. Even if you didn’t know who she was, the work she’s had done is painfully obvious in Hannah’s chipmunk cheeks, puffy lips, and cat-like eyes. Hannah is an activist with several causes she campaigns for, including ... Read More »

Pamela Anderson’s defends silicone implants : Star Advises FDA

Pamela Anderson's defends silicone implants

A Food and Drug Administration Advisory Panel has recommended that the FDA approve silicone breast implants for widespread cosmetic use. Silicone implants were banned in the US over a decade ago amid allegations that leaking silicone had caused a wide variety of health problems. In 1995, Dow Corning, the leading manufacturer of breast implants, declared bankruptcy because of the medical ... Read More »

Singer Tina Turner to relinquish American citizenship

Singer Tina Turner to relinquish American citizenship

The world famous American singer, 73-year-old Tina Turner, said in a statement carried out by Blick respected newspapers in Switzerland, reported that American citizenship to leave. Back to 57-year-old Erwin Swiss citizenship last year, was married to the artist. Switzerland for accepting dual citizenship, without any problem, Tina Turner, now devoid of significance for American citizenship itself, and therefore announced ... Read More »

Heidi klum weight : Star reveals supermodel diet secrets

Heidi klum weight

Heidi Klum is a supermodel, a Victoria Secret legend, the host of Project Runway, and to new mothers – someone who is worthy of emulating when it comes to weight loss right after pregnancy. Heidi Klum made headlines when she lost 48 pounds and regained her figure only eight weeks after she delivered her son Henry. What are the Heidi ... Read More »

Valeria Lukyanova claims to be a spiritual guru

Valeria Lukyanova claims to be a spiritual guru

Valeria Lukyanova, who turned herself into a real-life Barbie doll, went viral last year and has, in a relatively short space of time, amassed hundreds of thousands of followers online as well as recognition for her continual commitment to achieving physical perfection in this Sebastian Faena-lensed editorial in V magazine. But in this new documentary we learn something new ... Read More »

Jamie Lynn Grumet Pathways To Family Wellness Magazine

Jamie Lynn Grumet Pathways To Family Wellness

We love breastfeeding. We especially loved breastfeeding when we were small, bald and toothless. It’s a beautiful thing, and no woman should ever be told when or where she can or can’t breastfeed. Because when baby hunger strikes, Mother Nature abides, mmk? But what we can’t figure out is why Jamie Lynn Grumet’s breastfeeding four-year-old Aram always gets the urge ... Read More »