Friday , 23 June 2017
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X1 Solar Flare Erupts from the Sun (Video)

Solar flare causes radio disturbances on Earth

On Saturday, the sun erupted with an X-class solar flare, blasting Earth with powerful electromagnetic radiation. Although we couldn’t directly feel its effects on the ground, the impact of this event was measured as a dramatic radio blackout for several minutes, highlighting the fact that the sun isn’t quite done with solar maximum yet. Read More »

NASA Releases 360-Degree Portrait of Milky Way galaxy

NASA Publishes Unprecedented Milky Way Images

The Milky Way galaxy consists of a flat disc of hundreds of billions of stars. Seen from Earth with the naked eye, it appears as a dimly glowing, “milky” band arching across the night sky. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope is not only able to distinguish individual stars – it’s able to give us an unobstructed, infrared view, and NASA has ... Read More »

NASA releases first mosaic of lunar north pole (Photo)

NASA releases first interactive mosaic of lunar north pole

NASA scientists using cameras aboard the US space agency’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), have created the largest high-resolution mosaic of our moon’s north polar region. The images making up the interactive mosaic were taken by the two LRO Narrow Angle Cameras, which are part of the instrument suite known as the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC). The cameras on board ... Read More »

Hawking Claims Victory In Big Bang BET

Hawking Claims Victory In Big Bang BET

Stephen Hawking has claimed victory in a bet with a rival scientist after an experiment indicated that his theories about the origins of the universe were correct. Prof Hawking, director of research at Cambridge University’s Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, clinched bragging rights over former colleague Prof Neil Turok following American researchers’ discovery of evidence of cosmic ‘inflation’. Read More »

Anzu wyliei : New dinosaur called the Chicken From Hell

Anzu wyliei : New dinosaur called the Chicken From Hell

A 10ft tall bird-like dinosaur dubbed the “chicken from hell” has been revealed by scientists. Anzu Wyliei weighed 500lbs and lived alongside Tyrannosaurus rex 66 million years ago. It sported a cockscomb crest on top of its head and also had rudimentary feathers, sharp claws and a toothless beak. It is thought to have eaten both vegetation and small animals. Read More »

Nova Scotia: Second fireball seen Wednesday

Nova Scotia fireball

Almost 24-hours after scores of Nova Scotians and New Brunswickers reported see a fireball in the sky on a trajectory headed north, a second fireall is being reported this mroning in Nova Scotia. Jen Greene of Halifax said she driving to Stanfield International Airport with her boyfriend when she saw orange ball of fire at 5:15 a.m. while passing Miller ... Read More »

9 Unopened Dead Sea Scrolls Found in Israeli storeroom

9 Unopened Dead Sea Scrolls Found in Israeli storeroom

Archaeologists have rediscovered nine Dead Sea Scrolls in an Israeli storeroom, that had been left unopened and forgotten for 60 years. The find includes tiny fragments of text that were found inside phylacteries, miniature leather cases that contain verses from the Torah and are bound to the head of observant Jews during weekday morning prayers Read More »

Orion Death Stars Spotted by Astronomers (Video)

Orion Death Stars Spotted by Astronomers

So-called death stars in the Orion Nebula wreak havoc on developing planets. These highly luminous O-type stars, “which are really monsters compared to our Sun, emit tremendous amounts of ultraviolet radiation and this can play havoc during the development of young planetary systems,” said Rita Mann in a statement. Mann, an astronomer with Canada’s National Research Council, was the lead ... Read More »

Fireball spotted over Yellowknife (Photo)

Fireball spotted over Yellowknife

Yellowknife, NWT – We are following a story about a reported fireball that exploded in the skies above Yellowknife in the wee hours of Thursday morning. An image of the exploding meteor was apparently taken by a photographer who was in charge of a viewing tour of the Aurora Borealis. On lookers claim the night sky turned blue when the ... Read More »