Friday , 23 June 2017
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Signals from space aliens? Scientists detect mysterious radio bursts

Signals from space aliens? Six new blasts of radio energy are detected

Scientists have reported a new wave of Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) from deep space. These mysterious radio signals have baffled and intrigued astronomers, including some who speculate that they are the work of an extraterrestrial intelligence. A team led by Paul Scholz of McGill University has found six more FRBs coming from the same region of space as FRB 121102. ... Read More »

Scientist created the world’s smallest snowman

Scientist created the world's smallest snowman

The world’s smallest snowman has been built right here in Ontario, according to Western University’s Nanofabrication Facility. Todd Simpson from Western University created the original ‘snowman’ by accident back in 2005. In an effort to create isolated silica spheres he deposited a solution of them on a polymer film pockmarked with nanoscale holes. Read More »

NASA spots spider-shaped troughs on Mars (Photo)

NASA spots spider-shaped troughs on Mars (Photo)

NASA researchers have finally found the answers of the mysterious spider-shaped features in the red planet Mars. Images sent from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft were being studied specifically the growth of the spidery feature in the red planet’s terrain, from one Martian spring to another. According to the space agency, the spiders range in size from tens of hundreds ... Read More »

Paris climate deal could save millions of fish annually, says new study

Paris climate deal could save millions of fish annually, says new study

Scientists modelled how the size of fish catches relate to warming, by combining data on ocean conditions, ecology, fishing, and population dynamics of 892 fish species. Meeting the Paris Agreement global warming target of 1.5°C will have large benefits to fisheries, finds a new Nippon Foundation-Nereus Program study. For every degree Celsius decrease in global warming, potential fish catches could ... Read More »

Spoon on MARS! Could this be evidence of ancient soup? (Photo)

Spoon on MARS! Could this be evidence of ancient soup?

According to the latest pictures from NASA’s Curiosity Rover, Martians really like soup. Or possibly ice cream. The evidence for this? The Rover has discovered a giant spoon on Mars. The spoon was sighted first by YouTube channel UFO Hunter in one of the images released by NASA for public viewing. Scott C. Waring, an alien chaser, concurs that the ... Read More »

Casper Octopus is Under Threat from Deep Sea Mining

Casper Octopus is Under Threat from Deep Sea Mining

The Octopod called “Casper” has been discovered recently and it appears that the species is at risk due to deep sea mining. It received its name because of its ghost like appearance, like other octopods “Casper” is squishy but it is also unique since it is colorless. The discovery, reported in the journal Current Biology, suggests deep-sea mining could threaten ... Read More »

Rare ‘ghost shark’ spotted deep off California coast (Video)

Rare 'ghost shark' spotted deep off California coast (Video)

Scientists have captured the first-ever footage of an extremely rare fish known as a ghost shark, a recent study in the journal Marine Biodiversity Records reports. It’s a species that split off from sharks and rays around 300 million years ago, existing as a chimera, or blend of the two. The ghost shark, as the video explains, doesn’t even have ... Read More »

Scientists warn sex robots could be so good humans stop mating

Scientists warn sex robots could be so good humans stop mating

Scientist Oliver Bendel has warned an audience at the Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots (sadly that is a thing), that it’s because they’ll never tire. If issues of robot ethics aren’t addressed before these sentient Fleshlights hit the market, they could either screw us to the point of physical exhaustion, or be so much better at ... Read More »

HIP68468: The sun’s evil twin discovered by scientists

HIP68468: The sun's evil twin discovered by Astronomers

Astronomers studied the star, known as HIP68468, as part of a project to discover planets that orbit solar twins. An international team of researchers has discovered a planetary system with a host star similar to Earth’s sun, which could tell the history and connections between stars and their planets. The star, named HIP68468, is a twin star to the sun ... Read More »