Friday , 23 June 2017
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Scientists spot large lava waves on Jupiter’s moon Io

Enormous Lava Waves Detected On Jupiter's Moon Io, Astronomers Say

Researchers have detected two massive waves sweeping across the largest lava lake on Jupiter’s moon Io. The lake is called Loki Patera. lo is the most volcanically active body in the solar system. Infrared images from the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory captured differences in surface temperature on the Jovian moon that suggest that lava waves oscillate through Loki Patera, a ... Read More »

Giant squid or whale? Dead creature washes ashore (Watch)

Enormous sea creature discovered in Indonesia

An massive unidentified sea creature is decomposing of the coast of the Seram Island in Indonesia. The colossal carcass was found on Hulung Beach on the westside of Serum Island on Tuesday night by a local man. In the darkness, Asrul Tuanakota, 37, initially mistook the huge fleshy blob for a stranded boat. Close-up footage shows a twisted mass of ... Read More »

Researchers find oldest signs of life on land in Australia

Researchers Find Oldest Evidence of Life on Land in Australia

Fossil evidence of early life has been found in old hot spring deposits in the Pilbara, Western Australia, that date back almost 3.48 billion years. The rocks — hot spring deposits — were originally collected from Pilbara Craton in Western Australia, and they contain microbial biosignatures that serve as clues for early life on Earth in the presence of hot ... Read More »

Statuesque dinosaur fossil unveiled in Alberta

Statuesque dinosaur fossil unveiled in Alberta

Way back in 2011, Shawn Funk was digging in Alberta’s Millennium Mine, when he hit “something much harder than the surrounding rock.” And upon closer inspection he discovered that it was actually a dinosaur fossil — but not like other fossils discovered. This fossil was almost completely intact. The fossil is said to the 110 million-year-old remains of a Nodosaur, ... Read More »

Scientists find Homo naledi fossils are younger than initially thought

Scientists find Homo naledi fossils are younger than initially thought

The paleontologists who discovered a previously unknown line of human ancestors in South Africa say that they’ve found more fossils — and that the species, known as Homo naledi, could have lived alongside our own species 250,000 years ago. The anthropologists with Johannesburg’s University of the Witwatersrand published their findings in the journal eLife. Homo naledi was first discovered in ... Read More »

Dead orca found with extremely high levels of PCBs, Says new research

Dead orca found with extremely high levels of PCBs, finds new research

Scientists in Scotland believe they’ve found one of the most contaminated killer whales on the planet. The Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme, managed by SRUC, has found that a killer whale found dead on Tiree had one of the highest levels of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) pollution ever recorded. The adult killer whale – identified as a well-known animal named ‘Lulu’ ... Read More »

Scientists Produced the First X-Ray Laser Light

Scientists Produced the First X-Ray Laser Light

The biggest X-ray laser in the world, the European XFEL, has generated its first X-ray laser light and is now considered ready for its official opening in September. The laser’s light is a billion times brighter than the typical light sources normally used in particle accelerators. As X-rays have a wavelength of 0.8 nanometres, almost 500 times shorter than visible ... Read More »