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Henry Brown sealed in packing crate

Henry Brown sealed in packing crate

Henry Box Brown was an abolitionist lecturer and performer. Born a slave in Louisa County, he worked in a Richmond tobacco factory and lived in a rented house. Then, in 1848, his wife, who was owned by another master and who was pregnant with their fourth child, was sold away to North Carolina, along with their children. Read More »

Mother Trying to Change Her Name to Sexy

Mother Trying to Change Her Name to Sexy

An Ohio woman hates her name so much, she’ll soon ask a judge to legally change her name to Sexy. Yes, Sexy. Ranea Crabtree of Pataskala, Ohio refuses to use the name her parents gave her – Sheila. Crabtree is asking a Licking County Judge to officially change her name once and for all. Read More »

North Korea nuclear reactor restarted : US confirms

North Korea nuclear reactor restarted

The Associated Press reported this week that U.S. intelligence has evidence that North Korea is expanding its nuclear program. According to the report, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper believes that North Korea has expanded its uranium enrichment facility and restarted a plutonium reactor that was shut down in 2007. The report appeared in Clapper’s written testimony to the Senate ... Read More »

Utah School takes away kids’ lunches because of unpaid bill

Utah School takes away kids' lunches because of unpaid bill

Two state senators are paying a visit to an elementary school in Salt Lake City on Thursday, after reports emerged that the school had served meals to dozens of students — only to throw them away after a cashier confirmed their accounts had an outstanding balance. Anger and frustration followed the incident, which affected up to 40 students Tuesday at ... Read More »

China : Bird Flu Threatens KFC’s New Year Recovery

Bird Flu Threatens KFC's New Year Recovery

KFC‘s recovery in China is being threatened by the spread of bird flu in the region. Shanghai will halt live poultry sales for three months beginning Friday, and Hong Kong initiated a three-week ban after poultry imported from China tested positive for bird flu. KFC has 4,400 restaurants in China and the Chinese New Year, which is Jan. 31, is ... Read More »

North Dakota Farmer Arrested, Drone Evidence Used

Drone farmer arrest

A predator drone has helped convict a North Dakota famer of terrorizing law officers two years ago. Rodney Brossart was accused of stealing six cows from a neighbor. When officers came to his farm, Brossart family members refused to allow deputies on their farmstead and didn’t show up for court hearings, which resulted in a summer long standoff in 2011, ... Read More »

10 insanely delicious chip flavors from around the world

10 insanely delicious chip flavors from around the world

Forget Cool Ranch (oddly, renamed “Cool American” in Iceland) or sour cream and onion—these chip flavors will make you crave a salty snack … or just cringe. Bloody Mary Now here’s the kind of endorsement I like in a chip: “Won’t get you drunk, but certainly hits the spot!” Pop open a bag of these chips from Devon, England, for ... Read More »

KIEV: Ukraine’s parliament votes to repeal anti-protest laws

Ukraine's parliament votes to repeal anti-protest laws

The Ukrainian Parliament has scrapped a set of wide-ranging laws meant to quell public protests. On Tuesday, less than two weeks after the parliament’s undemocratic passage of anti-protest legislation, it was voted down by 361 to 2. The parliament, known as Verkhovna Rada, held an emergency debate in an effort to resolve the stand-off with opposition. Read More »