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Comedian Chelsea Handler needs alcohol to be happy
Comedian Chelsea Handler needs alcohol to be happy

Comedian Chelsea Handler needs alcohol to be happy

Chelsea Handler has never been shy when admitting her love for booze, but this is the first time she’s revealed how dependant on the bottle she is.

She told The Sunday Times Magazine: “If I don’t drink for more than three nights you can tell in my personality. I just need alcohol in my system. I love alcohol – it makes me happy.”

Proving that she’s living the rock and roll lifestyle, the 41-year-old also revealed she loves drugs.

She said: “I love doing drugs. Last night I smoked a little pot, went to bed at 8.30pm and woke up at 7am. It was great. I’d rather do that than take a sleeping pill.

While she loves to drink and take drugs, Chelsea says dieting is something she needs to do in weight-obsessed Hollywood but calls it a “pain in the ass”.

She explained: “Dieting is rough, it’s a pain in the ass for everyone. A lot of people in this town just don’t eat.

“I work out all of the time, and I actually enjoy that, but the dieting is really hard for me. I’m good for a few days and then I go off.”

Chelsea quit her E! chat show two years ago because she became bored with her celebrity guests and wanted to do “something more interesting”.

She said: “Like anything in my career, I like to excel at something and then I’m done and want to be out of my comfort zone. I was bored with the sound of my voice and I wasn’t feeling particularly grateful any more. I was bored with these celebrities on rotation. I just thought this has afforded me tons of luxury and access to many things, but it’s not like I’m saving lives. I thought I should be doing something more interesting.”

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