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Jill Whelan: Former ‘Love Boat’ Actress Desperate for Cash in Divorce
Jill Whelan: 'Love Boat' Actress Desperate for Cash in Divorce

Jill Whelan: Former ‘Love Boat’ Actress Desperate for Cash in Divorce

Jill Whelan is going through a divorce from Michael Chaykowsky — and things certainly aren’t looking up for the actress.

According to a recent report from TMZ, the 49-year-old is basically broke with no source of income to support herself.

The publication claims that Michael makes $126,000 a year and lives in a mansion, and that she’s asking for spousal support for herself and child support for their 10-year-old son.

The TV icon has said that she has been trying to find work, but it’s not easy to become employed in entertainment at her age, it was reported.

After returning to the United States from college, Jill Whelan moved to New York City and acted in several Off-Broadway productions before leaving the stage to work as an event producer at Madison Square Garden, where she met her second husband, whom she married over a decade later.

Jill Whelan her first husband, Brad St. John, shortly after leaving Madison Square Garden; soon after their wedding, she became pregnant with their first son, Harrison. After The Young and the Restless, she left acting and started working as an investigative producer at the Los Angeles television station KCOP, where she remained for four years before moving back to the East Coast to get married again.

She married her second husband, Michael Chaykowsky in April 2004 aboard the cruise ship Caribbean Princess. Her second son, Grant, was born July 1, 2006.

She lived in Yardley, Pennsylvania, where she hosted a Sunday afternoon radio show on WPHT 1210 AM in Philadelphia. The show aired Sunday from 3 pm to 4 pm. Additionally, Whelan taught acting to children and teens.

Jill Whelan moved back to Los Angeles in 2012, where she currently lives and raises her two sons.


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    1. This kind of shit pisses me off. I can understand the child support, but for her to think that she has the right to sit on her ass and have her ex pay her way is bullshit. Equal rights means get off your butt and go make a life for yourself. I can understand if they built a fortune together but if he’s working and paying bills and not financially secure from anything they both did she needs to do the same. Spousal support needs to go away. You want a divorce then you make it on your own! Quit expecting the man to pay your way yet women claim they can do anything a man can do!

      • Your post is misogynistic. There is still a war against women in this country. The vast majority of high ranking management positions are held by men. Women today are still not given the same opportunities and are still prey to the standard ageism and sexism. A woman exercising power and authority in the workplace is labelled a “bitch”, whereas a man doing the same thing is a man. Read the statistics! Stop the war against women. Until that happens, shut up.

        • His post isn’t misogynistic. He likely has had an experience which has colored his point of view on this type of situation. You’re correct, women aren’t afforded the same opportunities and potential incomes as men, on the whole. But – that has nothing to do with this article, Waterboy’s comment, or your reply. If Miss Whelan cannot find the roles she desires she should take lesser ones or leave the profession for something more mundane. When a person is broke there is only ONE place to go and that is to WORK!

        • Bullsh*t guys are called a$#holes so stop your whining you still can’t be forced to join the military even in a time of war, for females it is a choice, and you don pay as much for life insurance as I do. Ms. Whelan is typical – she has no real ability and has traded on her looks her entire life now that she is old she wants to cry fowl. Maybe women aren’t equal…given how they conduct themselves.

      • You are right Waterboy. She has SKILLS to get a job but she refuses to do so. The child support is a given and there is no argument about it BUT she can certainly work as she has done before. She is only broke because she CHOOSES to be broke!

    2. She might be able to get a job on an actual cruise ship because people would get a kick out of seeing her walk around. Especially if she would also sing the song — “IT’S THE LOVE BOAT — SOON YOU’LL BE MAKING ANOTHER RUN! THE LOVE BOAT Da da da da da da da da THE LOVE BOAT . . .”. Maybe she could even act out and recreate some of the scenes people liked. They might not pay her a lot, but they’d let her live on the boat for free at least. I don’t know, just an idea. Think about it lady.

    3. Here are three recommendations:
      1. Lowes store #3914 in St. Ignace Michigan is looking for a Home & Garden Assistant Manager
      2. Tim Hortons needs several Drive Thru attendants
      3. There’s always ‘openings’ in Porn

    4. Jill Whelan’s internet profile says her net worth is $1.5 million.

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