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Lady Gaga SNL : Singer Performs “Do What U Want” With R. Kelly
Lady Gaga SNL

Lady Gaga SNL : Singer Performs “Do What U Want” With R. Kelly

Lady Gaga has been listening to the talk of the critical and under-performing woes of her recent album ARTPOP, but that hasn’t stopped the pop star from still carrying on. On “Saturday Night Live” Gaga performed her hit song “Do What U Want” with the R&B thug himself, R. Kelly and “Gypsy.” On Gaga’s and Kelly’s performance, let’s just say it was interesting to say the least.

One thing you can take away about Lady Gaga after seeing this SNL is that she knows how to have fun, and she is not above laughing at herself. That makes me like her more, but I can also tell you, the best moments of the night had nothing to do with her. The Kim and Kanye talk show was really funny, and I had fun with the Blockbuster skit (as odd as it was), but there wasn’t that ONE moment that you look for every week in SNL. That ONE sketch that just kills you and reminds us why we like this show so much. Also, her monolgue was, well, exactly what I expected it to be. Her singing and dancing. How about the best moments of SNL often come from making stars step OUTSIDE their comfort zones. What happens to THOSE moments?

Granted, like I said, it wasn’t awful, but the cast are still finding their legs, and I think in a time like this the best thing to do would be to call on the go-to hosts right now for some stellar shows. I mean, Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake. Gaga was fun, but SNL still needs a bigger boost to find its footing.

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