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Burgers contain rat and human DNA, says disgusting research
Burgers contain rat and human DNA, says disgusting study

Burgers contain rat and human DNA, says disgusting research

A recent analysis of burger products found a few offensive extras like rat DNA and human DNA.

A report from the California-based food analytics company Clear Labs sampled 258 hamburger products, including ground beef, frozen patties, fast-food and veggie burgers. Three of the samples had traces of rat DNA, and one was positive for traces of human DNA.

The most likely cause for human DNA is hair, skin, or fingernails that were accidentally mixed in during the manufacturing process Clear Labs reported.

The study also found two samples of beef in vegetarian products, and 12 burgers were found to have at least 100 more calories than the label listed.

From the fast food samples tested, 38 out of 47 burgers contained more calories than the menu reported.

Clear labs analyzed frozen patties, fast-food products, ground meat and veggie burgers, and found inconsistencies with ingredients.

The study found chicken, pork, beef and turkey added into products that were not supposed to have these ingredients.

Certain pathogens found in the products can cause tuberculosis-like symptoms, gastroenteritis, foodborne illness and E. coli, according to

One of the black bean burgers tested didn’t even contain black beans.

“The FDA has set allowable limits for rat pellets in some food ingredients such as wheat because it’s impossible to remove all traces of rat DNA. It sounds gross, but you have to have to put that in perspective,” Dr. Michael Doyle, professor of food microbiology at the University of Georgia said.

Clear labs won’t be releasing the names of the brands or burger chains that were tested. Instead of whistle blowing, Clear Labs goal is to work with the food industry to fix the inconsistencies.


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