Monday , 21 August 2017
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Kimora Lee Simmons Life Lessons

Kimora Lee Simmons Life Lessons

To kick off 2014, FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising collaborated with global fashion ecommerce brand JustFab to launch a series of ten videos on the FIDM Blog featuring important life lessons from supermodel, businesswoman, and TV personality Kimora Lee Simmons. FIDM Students were treated to a campus visit from Kimora last year when she visited FIDM’s Los Angeles campus ... Read More »

Marc anthony : five children from three different women

Marc anthony : five children from three different women

Which celebrities have several different children with several different women? Hollywood and the NBA and NFL produce some very active dads, at least at conception, many of the men have multiple kids and multiple baby mamas scatttered throught the country and overseas. Some examples are American idol judge Steven Tyler, who has four children by three different women. Read More »

Kenny anderson seven children from five different women

Kenny anderson seven children from five different women

Anderson has seven children from five different women. Tami Roman, Anderson’s first ex-wife, was one of three of his children’s mothers who led the charge in accusing him of failing to pay child support in a report three years ago. Roman had been a public figure herself after starring in Season 2 of MTV’s “Real World.” Read More »

Mexico’s ‘water monster’ disappears (+video)

Mexico's 'water monster' disappears

An unusual creature known as the “walking fish” or “water monster” may be on the brink of extinction in the wild, scientists have warned. Armando Tovar Garza, a biologist at the National Autonomous University in Mexico, said on Tuesday that the exotic salamander-like axolotl “is in serious risk of disappearing” from its only known natural habitat in a handful of ... Read More »

China : Bird Flu Threatens KFC’s New Year Recovery

Bird Flu Threatens KFC's New Year Recovery

KFC‘s recovery in China is being threatened by the spread of bird flu in the region. Shanghai will halt live poultry sales for three months beginning Friday, and Hong Kong initiated a three-week ban after poultry imported from China tested positive for bird flu. KFC has 4,400 restaurants in China and the Chinese New Year, which is Jan. 31, is ... Read More »

North Dakota Farmer Arrested, Drone Evidence Used

Drone farmer arrest

A predator drone has helped convict a North Dakota famer of terrorizing law officers two years ago. Rodney Brossart was accused of stealing six cows from a neighbor. When officers came to his farm, Brossart family members refused to allow deputies on their farmstead and didn’t show up for court hearings, which resulted in a summer long standoff in 2011, ... Read More »

Yoga aids breast-cancer patients : study says

Yoga aids breast-cancer patients

A new research say that if a woman practices yoga for as little as three months it can beat fatigue and lower inflammation in breast cancer survivors. The fatigue can result from chemotherapy and radiation. “Even some years out from breast cancer treatment, anywhere from 30 to 40 percent of women report substantial levels of fatigue,” said study author Janice ... Read More »

Breath Test May Detect Signs of Lung Cancer : New study

Breath Test May Detect Signs of Lung Cancer : New study

A new study published out of Sweden shows that the human nose may be able to detect an early-stage lung cancer. The exhaled breath of people with doubtful lung lesions that were detected on CT scans was tested by researchers. The breath was tested for levels of four cancer-specific volatile compound, called “carbonyls.” Elevated levels of three of the four ... Read More »

Hearing loss linked to faster brain shrinkage : study

Hearing loss linked to faster brain shrinkage

If you are slowly finding it hard to hear at occasions, seek medical attention as soon as possible because the hearing loss may mean faster brain degeneration, warns a study. The brain shrinks with age, but the shrinkage may be faster in older adults with hearing loss, according to a study by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the National ... Read More »