Wednesday , 21 March 2018
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Alzheimer’s variation may often go unrecognized: Study show

Alzheimer's variation may often go unrecognized

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that approximately 5.2 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease, a common form of dementia marked by memory loss. Yet diagnosing the health issue may not always be so simple. A recent study conducted by researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Florida examines the discovery of an atypical type of Alzhiemer’s–one that neuroscientists claim is not ... Read More »

Iowa Repeals Harsh HIV Criminalization Law (Video)

Iowa Repeals Harsh HIV Criminalization Law

Iowa’s legislative session wrapped up with both chambers unanimously approving changes to the current HIV transmission law. Under current legislation, those with HIV face 25-years in prison if they don’t disclose to a partner that they have the virus. The law applies even if the disease isn’t transmitted and if someone with HIV can’t prove that they disclosed their positive ... Read More »

Montreal : Jury to deliver verdict Friday in boutique murders

Montreal : Jury to deliver verdict Friday in boutique murders

Three men convicted of taking part in a brazen and reckless shooting in Old Montreal that left two men dead and two others injured appeared drained as they learne Kyle Gabriel, Terrell Lloyd Smith and Carey Isaac Regis were each found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and another two of attempted murder after a trial that began last ... Read More »

Liisa Galea : Moms’ brains permanently altered by pregnancy

Mom’s brain is different

UBC Psychology Professor Liisa Galea on ‘baby brain’ and other ways that motherhood changes a woman’s brain chemistry Motherhood permanently alters the brain, exposing moms to different health risks than women without children, says UBC neuroscientist Liisa Galea. Galea says understanding the long-term effects of motherhood will improve medical care and treatment for mothers. Read More »

Seattle mayor unveils plan for $15 minimum wage (Video)

Mayor Ed Murray on Thursday announced plans for a $15 an hour minimum wage, calling the proposal that would take three to seven years to fully implement “historic.” Murray, alongside Seattle City Councilman Nick Licata and other business and community leaders, presented a plan for $15-an-hour minimum that was approved by 21 of 25 members of the Income Inequality Advisory ... Read More »

BC Health workers OK strike mandate

BC Health workers OK strike mandate

B.C. health care workers have delivered an overwhelming strike mandate to back their negotiating team’s bid to secure a fair and respectful collective agreement with health employers. Members of the 11 unions that form the Facilities Bargaining Association voted 96 per cent in favour of strike action after a month of balloting wrapped up Wednesday. Read More »

Internet Explorer Bug Fixed, Even For XP – Video

Internet Explorer Bug Fixed, Even For XP - Video

Microsoft has reportedly fixed the infamous ‘zero-day exploit’ in Internet Explorer even for Windows XP which is no longer supported by the American company. The bug allowed hackers to install malware on one’s computer without permission, and allowed hacker to steal user’s personal data, track online behavior, or gain control of the computer, CNET reported. Read More »