Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Kaley Cuoco Proud Of Breast Implants

Kaley Cuoco Finally Admits to Getting Boob Job

Kaley Cuoco has opened up on her history of cosmetic surgery, saying that getting breast implants at the age of 18 was the “best decision I ever made.” She adds that she still is made to feel insecure by comments made about her appearance on social media outlets: Read More »

Missing Plane : ‘Pulse signal’ detected in Indian Ocean search

Missing Plane : 'Pulse signal' detected in Indian Ocean search

A Chinese ship involved in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane has detected a pulse signal in the southern Indian Ocean, the Xinhua state news agency reported Saturday. The pulse signal discovered by the Haixun 01 ship had a frequency of 37.5 kHz, the report said. State broadcaster CCTV reported that it was still unclear whether the signal ... Read More »

Deer in the Headlights of a UFO? (Video)

Deer in the Headlights of a UFO?

What some are calling a UFO has perplexed the experts looking at video taken by a Mississippi couple. They were using an infrared camera to capture nighttime images of wildlife on their wooded property. Mysterious lights were caught on camera in February, WLOX TV reported. Friday The lights that appeared in the sky over the 150 acres that Rainer and ... Read More »

Missing Arizona mom Remains Found in 1988 Identified by DNA

Missing Arizona Mom Remains Identified

Through DNA technology, skeletal remains discovered in a remote field in Pinal County in 1988 have been positively identified as an Arizona woman who disappeared more than 25 years ago. Julie Grubaugh, 25, was reported missing by her out-of-state family on Nov. 27, 1986. Grubaugh had recently moved from Michigan to Arizona with her two small children and her ex-husband. Read More »