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BC toughens up distracted driving laws, Report
BC Toughens Up Distracted Driving Penalties, Report

BC toughens up distracted driving laws, Report

The BC government is making it much more expensive if you get caught texting and driving.

Soon, you’ll end up with three points on your license to go with your $167 fine.

Justice Minister Suzanne Anton says people need to get the message that distracted driving is now the second leading cause of death on our roads after speeding.

“Drivers need to get used to the idea that you cannot be talking on your handhold and driving. it’s dangerous to you and it’s dangerous to people around you.”

More than three points on your license means a $175 insurance penalty. More than one distracted driving ticket in a year costs you $634.

Anton says she’s still considering raising the basic $167 fine, but she will not follow the lead of Ontario which is boosting its maximum penalty to $1,000.

“I think a $1,000 fine is rather high, you have to balance between discouraging behaviour but also you have to make sure that your enforcement authorities are willing to enforce it.”

Police across BC issued 51,000 tickets to drivers using an electronic device last year.


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