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BlackBerry Mercury set to come out at MWC 2017 – complete with keyboard
BlackBerry Mercury set to come out at MWC 2017 - complete with keyboard

BlackBerry Mercury set to come out at MWC 2017 – complete with keyboard

BlackBerry’s QWERTY sporting smartphone, codenamed ‘Mercury’ has finally been revealed at CES 2017.

Chinese manufacturer TCL has rights to create phones under the BlackBerry name, and this model is unofficially called the Mercury. They revealed a prototype today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and it’s pretty darn sleek:

The BlackBerry’s allure hinged — among other things like BlackBerry Messenger — on its user-friendly keyboard, but the Mercury offers so much more. Engadget reports there’s a fingerprint detector integrated into the space bar; a QWERTY keyboard that doubles as a touchpad; and preloaded BlackBerry Messenger and a DTEK app that monitors your data’s safety from third-party applications. It’s expected to run on Android 7.0 Nougat.

Stay tuned until February’s Mobile World Congress to find out other specs like price, release date, and battery life.


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