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Australians Track 16-Foot ‘Joan of Shark’ (Photo)
Australians Track 16-Foot 'Joan of Shark'

Australians Track 16-Foot ‘Joan of Shark’ (Photo)

The nearly 18 feet long, 3,000-pound female nicknamed ‘Joan of Shark,’ was tagged earlier by fisheries’ officers.

When the animal popped up close to shore again, several beaches were shut down for extended periods.

The female great white shark, nicknamed Joan of Shark, was first tagged close to Mistaken Island in water just 15m deep. Measuring 5.04m to the fork in its tail and an estimated 5.3m in total, researchers believe it could be the biggest ever to have been tagged.

The shark has now been tagged for a second time by the Fisheries Department after a whale carcass lured it to shallow waters near Albany.

“Obviously with that whale incidence and the distress signals that would have sent out, it would have attracted sharks and they will probably frequent the beach on and off for the next few days,” said Mark Kleeman, from the Department of Fisheries.


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