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Rick Perry backs Donald Trump as GOP remains divided over candidate
Rick Perry backs Donald Trump as GOP remains divided over candidate

Rick Perry backs Donald Trump as GOP remains divided over candidate

Former Gov. Rick Perry endorsed Donald Trump on Thursday evening.

Rick Perry, speaking to CNN by phone from his home in Round Top, said that although Trump is not his ideal choice, he thinks Trump will surround himself with the right people to lead the country.

Some have urged Perry to reignite his campaign and run as a third-party candidate, but he dismissed the idea as “quixotic.”

“I believe in the process, and the process has said Donald Trump will be our nominee and I’m going to support him and help him and do what I can,” Perry said. “He is one of the most talented people who has ever run for the president I have ever seen.”

Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, declared the GOP race over, saying on Twitter Trump would be the party’s presumptive nominee. “We all need to unite and focus on defeating Hillary Clinton,” he wrote.

Wednesday evening, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, said he was committed to supporting his party’s nominee.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; former GOP presidential hopeful, Ben Carson; and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have endorsed Trump.

“If he is the nominee, I will be voting for him, I will be supporting him,” Jindal said on CNN. “I’m not happy about it. I don’t think he’s the best qualified candidate, I don’t think he’s the one most likely to be successful, but I would vote for him over Hillary Clinton.”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said he would support the nominee, regardless of who it is.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, the highest ranking elected GOP leader, said he was not ready to support Trump Thursday.

“We will need a standard-bearer who can unify all Republicans, all conservatives, all wings of our party, and then go to the country with an appealing agenda,” Ryan said. “And we have work to do on this front, and I think our nominee has to lead in that effort.”

Trump responded with a statement saying he’s not ready to support Ryan’s agenda.

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee said Thursday he isn’t planning to attend the convention where Trump is expected to become the Party’s 2016 presidential nominee.

Former President George W. Bush said Wednesday he does “not plan to participate in or comment on” the 2016 presidential race.


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