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American Horror Story House Back on the Market For $7.8m (PHOTO)

American Horror Story House Back on the Market For $7.8m

A cultural landmark popularized by the television show “American Horror Story” is back on the market in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Known as the Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion, the home made famous by Hollywood horror was built by the German-American architect of that name in 1904 and offers six bedrooms and nearly 7,600 square feet. Read More »

World’s best retirement spots in 2013

world's best retirement spots

**The 2013 Global Retirement Index has been released. You can read that article here.** In the States today, the discussion about retirement orbits around how much less of it we’re all going to have. While the cost of everything from healthcare to food swells… incomes, pensions and nest eggs erode, leaving baby boomers fewer and fewer options for retirement at ... Read More »

How to get tax credits for green remodeling

how to get tax credits for green remodeling

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is full of initiatives that President Obama and Congress are hoping will boost our economy. At 1588 pages, most people probably wouldn’t take the time to read the whole thing, but there are some tax credits they might be missing out on. The economic stimulus package lengthens the Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives ... Read More »

How much does bathroom remodel cost : Reports

How much does bathroom remodel cost

Do you ever wonder what it would cost to create a bathroom you look forward to seeing in the morning? Nationwide, the average cost of a bathroom remodel or addition, according to Houzz.com survey data from over the past five years, is $11,300. The majority of home purchases in the U.S. are for existing homes, and bathroom renovation is high ... Read More »

Ohio Amish girl, family flee to avoid forced chemo

Ohio Amish girl

An attorney for a 10-year-old Amish girl with leukemia and her parents says the family has fled their home in Ohio, leaving the country at one point to stop her from being forced to resume chemotherapy treatments. The attorney says the family left just days before a state appeals court appointed a guardian to take over medical decisions for the ... Read More »

Nigeria bottles of beer, smashed by Islamic police (VIDEO)

Nigeria bottles of beer

Police enforcing Islamic law in Kano State on Wednesday destroyed some 240,000 bottles of beer, the latest move in a wider crackdown on behaviour deemed “immoral” in the area. The bottles had been confiscated from trucks coming into the city in recent weeks, said officials from the Hisbah, the patrol team which enforces the strict Islamic law, known as Sharia. ... Read More »

Tom Cruise, Laura Prepon : Actor relaxed about dating

Tom Cruise, Laura Prepon

Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon may be dating according to this report. They’ve apparently known each other for a while but Tom became interested after watching Orange Is the New Black (read: that opening shower scene). He took her on a date at The Manor Hotel in LA, a place Scientologists like to dine at, and even picked her up ... Read More »

76 percent of sikhs live in northern india State of Punjab

76 percent of sikhs live in northern india State of Punjab

Population of Sikhs in the world is around 27 million. That makes Sikhs 0.39% of the world population. Out of these 27 million approximately 83% live in India with 76% of all Sikhs living in Punjab.This is the only place where Sikhs are in the majority. Other Indian states where Sikhs have substantial population i.e greater than 200,000 are Haryana, ... Read More »

Christianity : Three Prayers of Thanksgiving

Christianity Prayers of Thanksgiving

Out of the biblical doctrine of the “Fatherhood” of God naturally arises the concept of prayer. What child does not need, and wish, to communicate with his father? Thus, in the “model prayer,” the Lord taught his disciples to pray: “Our Father in heaven” (Matthew 6:9). One manifestation of prayer that should flow abundantly from the heart of the Christian ... Read More »

Roots of Baha’i faith : started in the 19th Century Persia, History

Roots of Baha'i faith : started in the 19th Century Persia, History

The Baha’i Faith is an independent monotheistic religion with its own sacred scriptures, its own laws, calendar, and holy days. It has no clergy and its affairs are administered by freely elected governing councils that operate at the local, national, and international levels. The chronology below follows the history of the Baha’i Faith from its birth in mid-19th century Persia ... Read More »

Guru Nanak : Celebratory Nagar Kirtan procession to attract thousands

White House celebrates Guru Nanak Sahib Ji's Gurpurab

Amritsar, Punjab: In view of the approaching foundation day of the GNDU, a two-day 28th Annual National Seminar on Guru Nanak Dev’s Contribution to Indian Philosophy was organised by the Department of Guru Nanak Studies today in the university’s conference hall. As many as 50 scholars from various parts of the country are participating in this seminar. Avtar Singh Makkar, ... Read More »