Friday , 28 February 2020
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Liisa Galea : Moms’ brains permanently altered by pregnancy

Mom’s brain is different

UBC Psychology Professor Liisa Galea on ‘baby brain’ and other ways that motherhood changes a woman’s brain chemistry Motherhood permanently alters the brain, exposing moms to different health risks than women without children, says UBC neuroscientist Liisa Galea. Galea says understanding the long-term effects of motherhood will improve medical care and treatment for mothers. Read More »

Reading and sleep key to a healthy mind, Study

Reading and sleep key to a healthy mind, Study

Sleeping more than 8 hours and less than 6 and the lack of cognitive stimulation such as reading favours the development of cognitive impairment in people over 65. This is the main conclusion of a study carried out by researchers from the Department of Pharmacy at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera and pharmacists in the Valencian Region (Spain). The paper ... Read More »

US : FDA Wants High-Risk Label for Transvaginal Mesh

US : FDA green-lights Merck cardiovascular drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is proposing stricter safety requirements for makers of trouble-prone implants used to surgically repair women’s pelvic problems. The FDA says plastic mesh used to repair pelvic collapse should be reclassified as a high-risk medical device, after years of reports of pain, bleeding and infection among women who have received the implants. If finalized, the ... Read More »

Stop killer war machines: activist group says

Stop killer war machines: activist group says

Members of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots have this week called on the government of Canada to support the creation of new international law to pre-emptive ban fully autonomous weapons or ‘killer robots.’ The call was made as part of an outreach effort in the Canadian capital of Ottawa by Mines Action Canada, a co-founder of the global Campaign ... Read More »

This insect wears world’s tiniest 3D glasses (Video)

This insect wears world's tiniest 3D glasses

A new research programme aims to understand 3D vision in the praying mantis, the only invertebrate known to have this ability, and compare it with vision in humans. Analysing how mantises see in three dimensions could give us clues about how 3D vision evolved and lead to novel approaches in implementing 3D recognition and depth perception in computer vision and ... Read More »