Saturday , 14 December 2019
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Target May Have Ignored Pre-breach Intrusion Warning : Report


Target Corp. is acknowledging that its security software picked up on suspicious activity after a massive cyberattack was launched, but says it decided not to take immediate action. The acknowledgement came after a media report said Thursday that Target’s security team in Bangalore received security alerts on Nov. 30 that indicated malicious software had appeared in its network. Read More »

Titanfall patch released (Video)

Titanfall patch released

Respawn’s debut game is now available on PC and Xbox One in North America ahead of its rollout in other regions throughout the rest of the week. The Xbox 360 Titanfall release date is March 25 in the US and March 28 in Europe. Read More »

Hackers attack Vegas casino

Hackers attack Vegas casino

Las Vegas Sands Corp. confirmed Friday that information about some customers of its Pennsylvania casino was stolen during a data breach earlier this month. All of the Las Vegas-based company’s sites were down for six days starting Feb. 11, after hackers posted images apparently condemning CEO Sheldon Adelson’s views about using nuclear weapons on Iran. Sands said hackers crashed its ... Read More »

Maine Girl’s iPhone catches fire

Maine Girl's iPhone catches fire

The “stop, drop and roll” mantra came in handy for a US student when her Apple iPhone 5C caught fire in her pocket at school. Kennebunk middle school principal Jeff Rodman told The Portland Press Herald that the girl heard a popping sound and smoke started billowing around her. Read More »

Facebook : 1.23 billion monthly active users

Facebook : 1.23 billion monthly active users

Ten years on Facebook is still the world’s biggest and most popular social network, and despite claims from many commentators and teenagers that its time has now come and the site is about to wane, nothing could be further from the truth. Facebook currently boasts 1.23 billion monthly active users, 60% of whom visit daily — that’s actually a 16% ... Read More »

Coolest gadgets from-CES 2014

Coolest gadgets from-CES 2014

While products like curved televisions, 3-D printers and driverless cars garnered the most attention at the big CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, there were plenty of video game-related products worth getting excited about. From virtual reality (VR) headsets and wireless controllers for mobile devices to “cloud”-based PlayStation titles and souped-up gaming PCs, here is a closer look at ... Read More »

Facebook ‘Could Lose 80% Of Users By 2017’. Seriously?

Facebook 'Could Lose 80% Of Users By 2017'. Seriously?

We’ll all be cured of Facebook soon. At least, that’s the conclusion of a new Princeton paper published this month on the Arxiv server that modeled the social network’s popularity over time as if it were an infectious illness. The conclusions may sound hard to believe—the scientists predict Facebook will lose 80 percent of its user base by the end ... Read More »

HP pushes Windows 7 in the US ‘by popular demand’ : Reports

HP pushes Windows 7 in the US 'by popular demand'

HP has brought back a Windows 7 option “by popular demand”, offering desktop and notebook PCs with Microsoft’s old OS amid patchy public support for Windows 8. The range of five computers spans an entry-level Pavilion desktop through to ENVY performance towers and both Pavilion and ENVY laptops, with HP even offering a $150 saving to sweeten the deal. Read More »

John Legere T-Mobile CEO Crashes AT&T CES Party in Las Vegas

John Legere T-Mobile CEO Crashes AT&T CES Party in Las Vegas

Ah CES, a time of innovation, gadgets, and — if you’re T-Mobile CEO John Legere — a time for getting kicked out of your competitor’s party. Legere, an executive known for speaking his mind (often with colorful language), crashed AT&T’s Developer Summit concert tonight and spent some time hanging out with tech journalists, including CNET’s Roger Cheng. The event was ... Read More »