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Actress Elizabeth Taylor and her tracheotomy scar (PHOTO)
Elizabeth Taylor and her tracheotomy scar

Actress Elizabeth Taylor and her tracheotomy scar (PHOTO)

The last movie star died Wednesday. By the time Elizabeth Taylor left this mortal coil at 79, she had cheated death with a long line of infirmities that had repeatedly put her in the hospital — and on front pages across the world — and in 1961 left her with a tracheotomy scar on a neck more accustomed to diamonds. The tracheotomy was the result of a bout with pneumonia that left her gasping for air and it returned her to the big, bountiful, hungry life that was one of her greatest roles. It was a minor incision (later, she had surgery to remove the scar), but it’s easy to think of it as some kind of war wound for a life lived so magnificently.

In 1992, Liz starred in an episode of classic eco-warrior cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers called ‘A Formula For Hate’. It was reportedly the first time a US children’s animated series dealt with the issue of HIV/AIDS. Taylor played a mum to Neil Patrick Harris’s Todd and tackled the evil machinations of Verminous Skumm, who brainwashes a local community into thinking the virus can be spread by casual contact.

Not content with one US animated first, Elizabeth also voiced the previously-silent (pacifier sucks aside) Maggie Simpson, uttering the word “Daddy” for the youngest of the Simpsons clan. According to show creator Matt Groening: “We did 24 takes, but they were always too sexual.” Well, what did they expect really? “Finally Liz said, ‘F**k you,’ and walked out!” Marvellous!

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