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Surrey couple now closer as world reacts (Photo)
Surrey couple now closer as world reacts (Photo)

Surrey couple now closer as world reacts (Photo)

Ever since a photo of a heartbroken couple of 62 years sharing a tearful goodbye before returning to their separate nursing homes went viral, offers to help the couple have poured in from around the world.

After 62 years of marriage, Wolfram and Anita Gottschalk are being forced to live apart. For eight months, the couple has been living in separate nursing homes. Their granddaughter, Ashley Bartyik, recently posted a photo on Facebook of the couple crying in a visiting room. It has gone viral, with over 7,000 shares and supportive comments.

Wolfram moved into a nursing home after being diagnosed with early stages of dementia, and has since been diagnosed with cancer. And when it was time for Anita to move in, she wasn’t assigned the same location. So Wolfram is on a waiting list to move in with her. But their family won’t let that stop their love. Every two days, they drive Anita 40 minutes to see her husband.

“They’re heartbroken, they cry every time they see each other,” Bartyik tells ABC. “My grandma needs to be able to spend these last few days with him, not worried about when the next time she’ll see him is.”

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see true love be apart in their final days together, and because of a waitlist. A spokesperson for Fraser Health Authority says that the company is hoping to reunite the couple but it’s a matter of space and necessary care. We hope the very best for this truly inspiring couple.


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