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Alicia Shaffer, Etsy’s richest seller
Alicia Shaffer, Etsy's richest seller

Alicia Shaffer, Etsy’s richest seller

Alicia Shaffer, A mother-of-three earns $70,000 a month from selling handmade headbands, socks and scarves on Etsy.

Shaffer wanted to bring in some extra money after the clothing store she and her husband managed in the San Francisco Bay shut down in the recession.

“I opened an Etsy shop, figuring I’d help pay for dance lessons or offset the boutique’s sales,” Shaffer told The Organic Bloom.

She also revealed to The Organic Bloom her struggles putting up her online store and shipping the products online.

“I remember being so stressed with getting all the orders out & crying at 3am because I was so overwhelmed with getting everything made & shipped on time. Yet at the same time I was so overwhelmed with joy at the success of the shop and appreciation for my customers. Needless to say, I kept at it & added Spring items – scarves and leg warmers that added variety to my line, as well as offer additional items for my repeat customers,” Alicia explained.

According to Handemadeology, Shaffer’s Three Bird Nest store is listed as the fifth best-selling page on Etsy in 2014 with a total of 90,726 sales.

“I love textiles, fabric, fashion, designs, and seeing how different colors and fabrics pair together,” she said. “You will find me with my little sketch book and notebook anywhere I go so that I don’t miss a moment to write down my next idea.”


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