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Richard Vitale: Halifax doctor charged with child pornography
Richard Vitale: Halifax doctor charged with child pornography

Richard Vitale: Halifax doctor charged with child pornography

A Halifax pediatrician who has been reprimanded in the past for improperly performing vaccinations is now charged with child pornography-related offences.

Dr. William Richard Vitale, 72, is charged with possession of child pornography, accessing child pornography and having child pornography for the purpose of distribution.

Police conducted a search of a residence in the 400 block of St. Margaret’s Bay Road. Officers arrested a man at the scene and seized computer equipment.

Vitale made headlines in 2013 for improperly mixing vaccinations for children under the age of two. That led the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia to suspend his license in December of 2013 for six weeks.

His license was later reinstated with the exception that he wasn’t permitted to give vaccines.

Investigators have conducted two searches of the doctor’s home, and their primary concern is ensuring no children are at risk. They are also investigating whether other children were put at risk in the past.

The Crown also confirmed that the search and charges arose out of an online investigation into file sharing networks.



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    1. I am so angry about what the media is making him out to be! He has been mine and my sons Doctor for years and I know in my gut, without a doubt that their is a reasonable explanation for what happened with this “File sharing” There is NO WAY in he did anything wrong, creepy, perverted or inappropriate with children online. Before people jump to conclusions maybe they should realize that “file sharing” could have been any number of things that got misconstrued. Anyone that knows Doctor Vitale knows that he is almost computer illiterate ( in my opinion) and not technology savvy so even putting all personal beliefs aside, it would NOT be possible for him to be doing that. Also he is very thrifty and always buys used items ( even the computers in his office) so im sure his home computer could have came from anywhere. I am soooo mad right now that he is being labeled as something so awful when all he did was dedicate his life to helping and saving families.

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