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Moon landing filmed in studio? Video of Astronaut’s visor “proves” NASA staged Apollo mission
Moon landing filmed in studio? Astronaut's visor 'proves' NASA staged Apollo 17 mission

Moon landing filmed in studio? Video of Astronaut’s visor “proves” NASA staged Apollo mission

NASA could have been caught out “faking” the lunar landings amid claims a “stage hand” can be seen photographed in the reflection of an astronaut’s visor who was supposedly on the moon.

A conspiracy theory video uploaded to YouTube suggests a human figure not wearing a space suit has been captured on camera during the 1972 Apollo 17 landing.

As it zooms in on his visor, a figure seems to appear in the reflection – without wearing a spacesuit.

“It is from a Moon photograph,” the YouTube user said. “It is a reflection from one of the astronaut’s face visor, so I thought it looked a bit strange.

“I took a picture of it using my software.

“What we appear to have here is a figure of a human not wearing a space suit, circa early 70s, it is an Apollo 17 photograph.

“He is wearing some sort of, I don’t know, waistcoat type thing… one leg there, with one shoe, another leg and a shadow of that figure presumably.”

The alien enthusiast admitted he had believed in the moon landing before he came across the pictures.

But viewers had mixed reactions after watching the footage.

“If not an astronaut then another being in a spacesuit,” one user commented.

Another disagreed, writing: “Just looks like another astronaut.”


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    1. No, sorry, the shadows don’t match up.

    2. I think it is an outer-spaceman – who did not need spacesuit. He/it stopped in to visit the US “spaceman” on the moon to investigate and steal the technology.

    3. I feel like I’m caught in a time warp. Conspiracy believers have been pointing out this photo for years. Now it’s being reported by news outlets like it was just found yesterday. And for you people who are saying the photo is fake, you can see it for yourself. It was posted by NASA. Nope, not fake. I suggest to anyone who thinks the moon landing photos are proof of man landing on the moon look at the photos which NASA themselves have uploaded. As each anomaly is pointed out NASA quietly takes them down and either photoshops the anomalies out or simply not repost the photo. This has been going on for years. Hell people, don’t shoot the messengers. I believed and argued for years that we went to the moon. I wanted to believe. It’s not as if the people who are crying foul want there to be a conspiracy. Don’t just write them off as loonies, even though some are. You always have the ones who claim than NASA hoaxed the country and then they will turn around and say the most stupid thing. I suspect that most of them are just stooges who are trying to make all conspiracy believers look like fruitcakes. I don’t really say that we never went to the moon. I kind of doubt it, but even if we did, the pictures are no less fake. Instead of following the first instinct to berate and belittle these arguments, why don’t you just look and study the photos yourself. Be objective and don’t let any of your bias sway you. That’s what I did and what I found was shocking.

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