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Bill O’Reilly Threatened a New York Times Reporter “Emily Steel”
Bill O'Reilly Threatened a New York Times Reporter Emily Steel

Bill O’Reilly Threatened a New York Times Reporter “Emily Steel”

Bill O’Reilly threatened a New York Times reporter “Emily Steel” on Monday night, promising to come after the reporter “with everything I have” if he felt that any of the reporter’s coverage about his Falklands war controversy was inappropriate.

While the Times does not print the full exchange, its report describes O’Reilly as threatening “repercussions if he felt any of the reporter’s coverage was inappropriate.”

New York Times reporter Ravi Somaiya, who co-authored the story with Steel, tweeted that O’Reilly had “threatened to come after @emilysteel if he did not approve of [the] story.”

O’Reilly has a reputation for lashing out at critics, often going to great lengths to retaliate. In 2009, ThinkProgress writer Amanda Terkel reported that O’Reilly had been uninvited from an event for rape survivors, and criticized his past statements implying rape victims shared some blame for their attacks. In response, O’Reilly sent a producer and cameraman to follow Terkel on her vacation, ambushing and cornering her with demands that she apologize. The producer, Jesse Watters, had similarly ambushed other people who had criticized O’Reilly, broadcasting their shocked and at times frightened responses.

The nature of O’Reilly’s threat to Steel is unclear and may well have been empty. But it would certainly not be the first time that the Fox News host used his considerable platform to punish someone for a perceived slight.

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    1. If you’re in attack journalisim & you attack someone & they attack back…is it news worthy?
      No. Get tough or stop attacking. Start the fight then run and hide behind mommy

      • Bob,

        I couldn’t agree with you more. If someone attempted to destroy my credibility and integrity with a bunch of unsubstantiated BS. I would come after them with everything I have as well. I personally don’t care for Bill O’Reilly but I think he has every right to defend himself using the appropriate legal means.

    2. Put your big girl panties on and deal with it, Bill.

    3. Cassandra Morrison

      The proper response to this clown is to have him taken off the air.

      • Go get em Bill! reminds ne of Harry Reid saying “i got a phone call from a person who told me that Mit Romney doesn’t pay taxes” Real journalism died long ago:(

      • Sorry, but I have to agree with Bob Reaves. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out. O’Riley can be abrasive at times but he is not a liar. And, those of you who say “take him off the air” do you ever even watch him????

    4. Bill O’Reilly is nothing more than a mouth piece for Fox and Murdock. Most of the ass wipes on Fox make outlandish comments, attacks and accusations and are never held responsible. Fox has no moral authority and cannot be considered a reliable news source or magazine. Since Fox refuses to hold its personalities to high journalistic standards Fox is nothing more than a bullshit spewing arm of Murdock and Company and his right wing financiers.

      • What’s wrong with a commentator making “outlandish” comments, or even making “accusations” or “attacks”–you seem to have no problem doing it? In America that’s called free speech, and it’s Constitutionally protected. If someone says something that is wrong, then you criticize them and correct them, you don’t silence them. What commentators do you listen too, and are you so foolish as to accord them “moral authority”? It is puerile, not to mention autocratic, to demand that everyone be held to YOUR definition of “high journalistic standards”. For every authority you cite accusing Fox of bias, I can cite one accusing YOUR favorite commentator of the same thing. If you dispute something you heard on Fox News, then state what its is so that it can be discussed. Your blindly partisan blanket condemnations are childish, contemptible, and ultimately self-defeating.

      • Spoken like a true left wing flaming liberal, How come only liberals have the right to free speech??

    5. It’s about time he is exposed and hopefully this fight will take up all his time and keep him out of the media. He is in the top 3 most disgusting,rude, and hateful( of course Republican as well ) people we are so unfortunate to see on TV. He,s a bully hiding behind big money, a crybaby,and a loudmouth. He’s an attack monger. It would be great if he just faded away.

    6. That wasn’t a threat, it was a promise. Go get her Bill!!

    7. rich, angry, old white guy. gop poster boy. not at all dignified mr. o’reilly. you simply give credence to what you say is a lie by reacting the way you do. but just keep on showing your good side you conservative standard bearer.

      • So, your comments are dignified? You must be the opposite , so that would make you a liberal non standard mouth piece.

    8. Bill O’Reilly is a bully and a world class asshole! The last thing he is is a “journalist”, what he does is brutally attack people, but, whoa, when the tables are turned, he whines like an f’ing baby. The only people who watch and support guys like O’Reilly, are assholes, just like him.

      • Poor libs…. Bill has the most viewers of ANY news channel… and you know why?
        Because he doesn’t pull his punches and uses FACTS in his reporting.
        Liberals hate that shit.
        You know what I say?
        Too FN bad!

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